Senin, 01 September 2014

Father Son Similar Infant

General's wife who was much younger age has given birth to a boy. The general wanted to know who looks similar putanya, so he sent his aides rush to go to the maternity hospital to investigate. Upon his return from the hospital, an aide to the general said: "The child Paras looks a lot like Mr.!"
"Then no one well. Well, the situation is more detailed report to me."
"If you see carefully, the son of Mr. Bald-headed, hairless; very big stomach, fond of eating and drinking hooked; daily if not sleep so him cry and fuss; besides there is always a group of people pacing around it. "Report of the adjutant.

Cities with World's Longest Name

A man and his wife were driving through the beautiful Welsh countryside one day when they find a signs that read
"Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" (town with the longest name in the world).
Husband read the name of the town and his wife laugh.
"Not so I say", he and his wife tried to tell himself. Her husband laughed and they started arguing how to pronounce
the name of the city.
Well the debate soon became hot and it comes time for lunch. They went to a restaurant in the city whose name it is a matter of debate. When they settle their bills, the wife said to the cashier,
"I'm sorry, but would you settle a debate between my husband and me? Could you possibly pronounce the name of where we now are, just please do it very very slowly."
The cashier leaned forward and said ..
"Buuuurrr ... ggeeerrrr ... Kiinngggg ..."

Food and Drinks Served At Exam

In one day at Cambridge University during the exam, there is a bright young student appeared and asked supervisors to bring cakes and ale. The following dialogue occurred:
Supervisors: "Sorry, what do you ask?"
Student: "Sir, I ask you to bring me cakes and ale."
Supervisors: "Sorry, no."
Student: "Sir, I really must insist. I request and require that you bring me cakes and ale."
At this point, the students give a copy of the 400-year-old law from Cambridge, written in Latin and is still valid, and pointed to the section which reads (roughly translated): "Gentlemen sitting examinations may request and perform provided cakes and ale. "

Finally Pepsi and hamburgers were served because it is considered equivalent to the modern world, and the student sat there, writing exam answers and happily while sipping her drink.